IoT Networks
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to denote an interlinked network of physical objects or things that are enabled for connection to the internet. Objects such as mobile phones, washing machines, cars, headphones, lamps, wearable devices, automated house-hold devices and even humans can be thus connected.

IoT was conceived as a technology-driven system that would enable objects to sense, communicate and share data with one another. Through IoT networks, exchange can be facilitated between human-human, human-things (objects) and things-things. Objects embedded with electronics, software and actuators are enabled to connect to the internet through technological communication modes such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, iBeacon, NFC or Zigbee Wireless.

The mobile phone is generally used as a convenient platform through which the objects communicate to the internet and with one another. The administrators of the platform devices can access the data collected or manage the devices themselves from anywhere, using a mobile app or mobile browser.

Assume that you are on your way to a meeting, by car, and stranded in a traffic snarl. If your car has access to your schedule or mobile calendar, it can notify the concerned person that you will be late by a precisely calculated length of time; If your car is embedded with a location tracking sensor and programmed with the actual time taken to reach the office. The actions involved can be triggered automatically or manually, between the things-things or human-things.

Why is IoT advantageous?
  • Decreases the requirement of manpower deployment
  • Provides a technologically-powered solution for complex business problems
  • Simplifies business operations by eliminating complexity and delays
  • Enhances employee productivity
  • Enables hassle-free access to targeted customers by using innovative technology
  • Enriches the experience of the customer
  • Attracts new business opportunities
  • Provides a competition advantage
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The Future of IoT

The global technology research firm 'Gartner' reports that there will be over 26 billion connected IoT devices in the world, by 2020. Other research firms infer that this number could cross 100 billion. According to these firms, the highest usage of IoT devices will be recorded in the business sector.

Any business can use IoT to enhance productivity as well as business performance. However, proper implementation will remain imperative in the goal of optimizing outcomes. In the manufacturing and health industry, IoT solutions will be particularly effective as a means of organizing tools, machines and people simultaneously and systematically.

IoT solutions can serve to secure remote locations and assets through sensors and e-surveillance tools. The integration of IoT technology with Wearables is an innovative approach adopted by enterprises to save time and money.

Our Role

Banking on the honed skills of our team of experts, we offer IoT solutions with cutting-edge features that are designed to advance and accelerate the pace of business, while enhancing productivity and enriching the experience of customers. We provide products and services that can serve as support tools to operate scalable applications, thereby accelerating pace, ensuring security and saving cost.

Equipments and Technologies Used in IoT

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  • Sensors for tracking temperature, location, movement etc.
  • Communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
  • IoT Gateways, which are custom-built
  • Cloud Server and Big Data
  • IoT Mobile Apps
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