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In an information-intensive world, the preservation and proper utilization of this vital data source becomes an issue of paramount importance for every organization. The critical role of information in facilitating business growth is illustrated by the access made available to the decision-makers and by the expert manipulation of this data, to deliver successful strategy. The competency lies in effectively tapping the flow of information to gain business insights promptly and precisely, even when the information is flowing from multiple sources and along unstructured paths. We operate on the principle of leveraging the four elements that facilitate the effective transformation of information into a strategic asset.

Data: Integrated, Cost Effective, Optimized and Scalable data processing and data storage layers, which work as the pivotal controls of data creation and definition.

Information: The data needs to be contextualized, categorized, calculated and condensed, before being presented as information. The organization of data will simplify the process of establishing data relationships and answering the four crucial "Ws"; who, what, where and when.

Knowledge: The strategic understanding derived from Information will transform into critical insights that will accrue as knowledge capital for the organization.

Wisdom: The knowledge derived from the information will comprise the tools to trigger the right decisions.

The ILLUME OFFERING is the consummate answer

Effective Information Management is not about massive investment in IT or any technology; it is about gleaning small, relevant pieces of information to add business value. We offer a unified approach to IM services and a vast range of capabilities, including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Integration Services
  • Robust Data Model for Decision Support Systems
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Performance Management reflects a deeper understanding of the business function and helps in answering the "why".

Data Governance

Data Governance is a key driver in the Information Management System. It involves defining the standards, processes and technology on which an organization relies, to manage its data. It ensures that the critical stakeholders, who represent business processes, data and technology, are involved in the decision-making. We structure our holistic Data Governance Strategy on four fundamental queries:

  • Are the right stakeholders involved?
  • Are regulatory requirements satisfied?
  • Has business continuity been ensured?
  • Is the search and retrieval process accurate in its output?

The Illume Modus Operandi

We believe that Data Governance projects can be effectively initiated and monitored only by an experienced consultant, who is free to invest time in understanding existing business processes and in assessing the unique requirement of each business unit.

Illume is equipped with a strong knowledge base and the primed resources, to design an optimized data governance strategy.

The elements of strategy will include:

Collaboration with the Stakeholders

  • Introduction of key entities and assignment of specific roles
  • Drawing up a comprehensive scope of engagement
  • Working with client to delineate the challenge
  • Grasping the future-state vision of the organization

Existing Environment Evaluation:

  • Study and evaluate existing operating procedures
  • Study and evaluate existing communication processes
  • Study and evaluate existing Data Governance and Quality models

Designing of Future-state Environment

  • Identification of the future state objectives and operating model
  • Conducting the Gap Analysis
  • Creation and validation of the execution plan and roadmap

Data Quality

Obsolete and unorganized data can lead to bad business decisions that induce a ripple effect, resulting in lost opportunities and increased costs. The essence of Data Quality Strategy is to improve and streamline data and processes and gain a dependable information system.

The illume Offer

We strongly advocate precise monitoring of Data quality by implementing necessary evaluation and assessment tools. The precision and organization of the data will determine the quality and credibility of the decisions based on that data. Our Data Quality strategy involves a thorough cleansing and profiling of your data, to begin with. We then map the data in the information systems and locate the source of data inaccuracies. We organize the entire data lifecycle, transforming the mass of data into a comprehensive, accessible, accurate, consistent, relevant and reliable asset.

What we do:

  • Data cleansing, to detect, correct or remove inadequacies, redundancies and irrelevancies; weeding out inconsistent, inaccurate or obsolete data.
  • Data Profiling, for streamlining and organizing the data to evolve improved information quality
  • Control the magnitude of manual data adjustments
  • Incorporation of mechanisms to control the magnitude of manual data adjustments and facilitate mining
  • Enforcement of data compliance to ensure adherence of data to both Enterprise and Regulatory requirements
  • Setting up of Data Traceability, to monitor accessibility and changes in data.
  • Enhancing of the visibility of data quality issues ij the system

illume Differentiators

  • With numerous, end-to-end, large scale Enterprise Data Warehouse implementations to our credit, our team boasts unparalleled experience and tested expertise.
  • Conscious of the fact that every client has a unique set of requirements, we refrain from proposing pre-defined strategies. Instead, we customize the strategy to optimize your environment.
  • We do not acknowledge that Effective Information Management is always about big IT Investments; rather, we propose the Data Driven Investment approach.
Data Analytics & Insights by Illume

illume envisions making analytics accessible and tuning data into business success drivers. We offer analytics services and consulting across various domains, to help clients use data effectively, to formulate business strategy.

We offer Analytics services both as a Supplier and as a Partner.

Supplier / Partner Analytics Bangalore Cochin India
Supplier / Partner Analytics

Vendor Efficiency, Contract Compliance, Vendor optimaization

Market / Sales Analytics Bangalore Cochin India
Market / Sales Analytics

Chanel Optimization, Campaign Performance, Up-selling, Cross-selling

Product Analytics Bangalore Cochin India
Product Analytics

Product Pricing, Product profitability, Portfolio Optimaization

Customer Analytics Bangalore Cochin India
Customer Analytics

Lifetime Value, Customer segmentation, Loyality, Customer Experience, Profitability, Churn

Service / operations Management Bangalore Cochin India
Service / operations Management

Customer Experience, Capacity Planning / Demand Forecasting, Capital Expeniture, Performance, Leakage / Shortfall, Workforce Effectiveness

Supply Chain Analytics Bangalore Cochin India
Supply Chain Analytics

Inventory Optimization, Demand Analytics, Location Planning & Optimization, Transportation & Rout Optimization

Customer Analytics

Lifetime Value, Customer Segmentation, Loyality, Customer Experience, Profitability, Churn

  • We inspect and understand the Business Case
  • We evaluate whether Big Data Analytics is required
  • Create a blueprint, in collaboration with the client, for Big Data Analytics adoption
  • Plan for strategic implementation
  • Identify and isolate subject area for implementation of a small scale prototype
  • Design a flexible and scalable architecture
  • Build a proof of concept (POC) and Implement it to validate starting hypothesis for success
  • Evaluate the outcome
  • Create an iterative strategy to adopt Big Data Analytics
  • Implement various use cases based on priority and complexity
  • Measure return on investment (ROI) and evaluate investment dynamically
  • Expand horizon strategically, to generate a competitive advantage
  • Maintain high performance levels on the Big Data Analytics exercise
  • Implement various use cases based on priority and complexity
  • Measure return on investment (Roll and dynamically evaluate investment
  • Expand horizon strategically to gain competitive advantage

Demonstrate the real, life time value of a customer and take appropriate action to retain loyal and profitable customers.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Optimization is a complex and critical exercise. Optimal use of Analytics and Models will define the differentiating factors among players, in terms of quality of service, while impacting the bottom line positively. Illume brings domain experience and analytics modelling expertise, to help clients successfully neutralize supply chain process challenges.

What we do

INVENTORY OPTIMIZATION:Inventory management and optimization is dependent on many moving and variable factors, the most important ones being, changing economic factors, high demand uncertainty, and short product lifecycles. However, inventory management can be optimized in the following ways:

  • Inventory Curtailment
  • Inventory carrying cost minimization.
  • Freeing working capital from unnecessary inventory buffers
  • Lowering obsolescence rates
  • Enhancing customer service performance

Illume leverages data from multiple sources, including warehouse, Supplier, Stores, Customer Demand, etc. to devise the most effective solutions for optimizing inventory.

DEMAND ANALYTICS: Demand forecasting helps clients assess the potential costs and plan for inventory. We utilize forecasting tools and machine learning, to assess and forecast demand, per article or SKU. The granular forecasting helps client to plan in advance and plan better, reduce unwanted expenses and improve profit margins.

Illume also offers a suite of Analytics Consulting and Analytics-based services, including:

Risk Analytics

  • Claims Modeling
  • Insurance Underwriting
  • Lifestyle Based Analytics
  • Bank Failure Prediction

Workforce Analytics

  • Workforce Intelligence
  • Safety Analytics
  • HR Reporting Analytics
  • Workday Predictive Analytics
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