Strengthening your security with Firewall Security Testing and removing vulnerabilities

Firewall is the first line of defense in preventing cyber threats for any corporate network. Firewall security testing is the testing of the firewall done by pen testers similar to the threat actors for locating the vulnerabilities in the security method implemented or for deploying adequate security methods.

One can consider the firewall as the fencing around the periphery of the corporate network that secures against external threats and allows clients and trusted vendors traffic to enter. This traffic is often secured with the key given to them for the security of the network.

Considering and maintaining a firewall as an important component for security as it protects against data breaches or theft, is important for the organizations safety.

It is important to understand firewall security before implementing it as a security feature for your organization. Firewall security is

1. A preventive technical security control system (hardware/software).
2. Automated protection preventing unauthorised access.
3. An important part of business continuity plan and defense strategy.

Firewalls have their own predefined rules and filters to determine incoming traffic, hence making it important to configure them properly to achieve the expected security.

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The idea behind firewall testing is to prevent unauthorized access to the secured network. 



Why is firewall security testing needed? 

Firewall security testing helps in identifying vulnerabilities in the network security posture. One can accordingly customize the security policies to ensure network security for intrusions. 


1. Trust among stakeholders

2. Securing the company's network from malicious traffic

3. Proper configuration to remove the loopholes.

4. Regularly updating the system to keep it bug-free.

5. Proper functioning of the firewall rules.  


Generally, firewall security testing (firewall penetration testing) includes locating the firewall, conducting traceroute, scanning ports, banner grabbing, access control enumeration, identifying the architecture, testing policies, firewalking, port redirection, internal and external testing, testing for covert channels, HTTP tunnelling and identifying firewall specific vulnerabilities. 


How do we conduct firewall security testing?


1. Collect key information - Any security test can not be successful without complete information regarding hardware, software, rules, policies and risks. 


2. Access Change Management - maintaining the proper record of changes done and changes required in the network. 


3. Performing security checks on OS and physical components - evaluating the procedures deployed for the components and verifying the operating system passes standard rules. 


4. Improving the rule base and decommissioning the old rules - decluttering the firewall rules by decommissioning old and inactive codes and rules. 


5. Risk assessment and remediating - Analysing the risk and vulnerabilities. Making strategies to resolve and implement them. 


6. Conducting regular audits - Penetration testing is required at regular intervals and specifically after implementing and changing.



Are you looking to implement firewall security testing? irrespective of the firewall implemented in your organisation, our experts will be able to find the vulnerabilities for suggest the best security measures required. Let's get your firewall secured. 

Why Firewall Security Testing ?

One solution

Seamlessly managing all the entire firewall securities in one place

Better handling

Easy changing and maintaining the security policies

Compliance ready

Streamlined audit preparations with continuous compliance

Streamlined business

Easy prevention from outages and attacks

What Illume Offers
  • 1. Automating the firewall change management process.
    2. Managing the latest firewall policies and cloud security along with the traditional firewalls.
    3. Proactively analyzing the risks and optimizing firewall rule sets.

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We conduct Firewall Security Testing in a multi-stage fashion to ensure the delivery of the most comprehensive test possible, which includes
1. Analyzing the rule base configuration
2. Analyzing Firewall configuration
3. Identifying whether any interfaces utilized for device management are accessible in an insecure manner
A firewall is the first line of control in an organisation's security. A firewall penetration test helps to identify vulnerabilities and assess the risk of an attack. It maps the network from outside to identify potential vulnerabilities in your network architecture.
We don't have any in-house tools. We use a certain set of tools (HTTPort, Fpipe and Datapipe) and scanners (Nmap, Hping and Hping2, Netcat, and Firewalk) for performing the penetration testing.
Almost all major Firewalls are being tested by our team. We have hands-on experience in performing firewall security assessments against different types of devices such as WAFs (Imperva, IBM, Mod sec), Cloud firewalls, CheckPoints to traditional Cisco devices, VPN concentrators and Small business ranges such as Watchguard, and Sonicwall.
It is very common to avail services from external partners. Illume Intelligence works with a combined team of third-party vendors to ensure they provide a secure service and are aware of cybersecurity issues affecting your firewall and managed devices.
No, we conduct manual and passive tasks (where configuration is mentioned) without affecting firewall security or operations. There is no active attack carried out against the device.
The firewall security assessment is generally concluded in a couple of days depending on the firewall functionality and ruleset size, the cost is estimated based on the days' rate to perform the review.