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Expanding the Internet has given global access to business but it has also come with security problems as well. Cybersecurity breaches are no longer restricted to big organisations, they are happening everywhere. Irrespective of the organisation's size or type, it is essential for all to ensure a defence system. According to a survey around 77% of companies have increased their cybersecurity Budget.

Many organisations find it difficult to achieve complete threat visibility lacking siloed security log management, costly and ever-expanding infrastructure changes and the non-availability of specialised staff. It is a time to work on advanced security events and infrastructure management. It is important to rethink the security designs for implementing the right security policy and security incident detection.

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What is Security Operations Center (SOC)?


A Security Operations Center (SOC) is an in-house or outsourced team of IT Security Professionals for monitoring the organisation's entire IT infrastructure. This team works 24*7 for real-time detection of cybersecurity events to address them quickly and effectively.


The SOC team works closely with the incident response team to ensure quick addressing of the issues as and when detected. Security operations centres monitor and analyse network activities, servers, databases, devices and other connected systems for anonymous activities. SOC helps in operating and maintaining the cybersecurity of the organisation by continuous threat detection and data analysis for finding ways to strengthen the organisation's security posture.


The major benefit of SOC is that it ensures the identification, analysis, defence,  investigation and reporting of all potential security incidents. To begin with, it is important to have a strong strategy, followed by the implementation of required infrastructural support like firewalls, IPS/IDS, breach detection solutions, probes, security information, event management (SIEM) systems etc.



How Security Operations Center (SOC) works


1. Recording - Making a record of available resources for preparation under the scope of the organisation's infrastructure.


2. Preparation and preventative maintenance - Preparation and preventative maintenance by regularly updating the existing systems, updating the firewall policies, patching vulnerabilities and whitelisting, blacklisting and securing applications.


3. Monitoring  - Continuous proactive monitoring for detecting abnormalities or suspicious activities.


4. Alert handling -  Alert ranking and management for prioritising the issues and their handling.


5. Early detection and defensive action - Quick response to the detected threats by performing actions like isolating endpoints, and terminating the harmful process.


6. Restoring - Restoring and recovering the compromised systems and data, including wiping and restarting endpoints, reconfiguring systems or, in the case of ransomware attacks, deploying viable backups in order to circumvent the ransomware.


7. Log management - Log Maintaining includes collecting, maintaining, and regularly reviewing the log of all network activity and communications for the entire organization.


8. Investigating - Investigating the root cause to figure out what and how it happened.


9. Futuristive approach - Security refinement and improvement on the basis of the findings to protect the future mishaps


10. Compliance ready  - Getting the system always ready for compliance-ready by providing all the audits and other reports.



Illume Intelligence's SOC as a Service empowers your organisation by providing complete visibility within the infrastructure. Identifying hidden risks and implementing the security strategy so that you focus on your business. A complete record of the important security logs for helping in building a compliance-ready secure environment trusted by the employees and the clients

Why Security Operations Center (SOC)?


Continuous monitoring and analysis of system activity

Incident Response

The better incident response

Quick Detection

Less time duration for detection of compromise

Reduced Downtime

With the quick detection it takes less time to fix

Resource Management

Centralisation of hardware and software for a better approach

Better Communitaion

Allows better communication for handling the entire process

Customers Trust

Customers trust the organisation for sharing their data.

Reduced Cost

Reduction in the direct and indirect costs associated with security management

What Illume Offers
  • 1. 24*7 Security Monitoring for the early detection of the threats to minimise the compromise that happened to the organisation’s infrastructure
    2. Comprehensive Visibility enabling better handling and incident response
    3. Proactive Threat Protection for better security management and timely response in dealing with the security issues
    4. Continuous Compliance & Reporting helps the organisation be compliance ready.
    5. Automatic Real-Time Threat Containment & Elimination for better security management and further strengthen the policy.

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A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralised facility or team responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity incidents in an organisation. It serves as the nerve center for an organisation's cybersecurity operations.
We provide following services under SOC
1. Real-time monitoring of networks, systems, and applications for security threats and anomalies.
2. Incident detection, analysis, and response to security breaches or suspicious activities.
3. Incident management and coordination of response efforts across the organization.
4. Threat intelligence analysis to proactively identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.
5. Security log management and analysis.
6. Continuous security assessments and vulnerability management.
7. Security incident reporting and communication to relevant stakeholders.
Setting up a full-fledged SOC can be a significant investment, as it requires specialised personnel, advanced cybersecurity tools, and infrastructure. The SMBs can opt for alternatives by outsourcing SOC services to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to reduce costs.
The in-house SOC is built and operated internally by the organisation itself. It provides complete control over security operations and customization based on specific needs. Whereas the outsourced SOC is managed by an external service provider (MSSP). This can be more cost-effective and leverages the expertise and experience of the MSSP's security professionals.
SOC follows a predefined incident response plan, when a security incident happens. The plan comprises identifying the nature and scope of the incident, containing and mitigating the threat, conducting forensic analysis, and coordinating with relevant teams to resolve the issue. It also ensures proper documentation of the incident for post-incident analysis.
Yes, often SOC services operate 24/7 to provide continuous monitoring and protection against security threats. Cybersecurity threats can occur at any time, and having round-the-clock monitoring ensures that incidents are detected and addressed promptly.
SOC provides continuous monitoring, incident response capabilities, and security log management, which are often essential elements of various industry regulations and security standards.
Organisations of all sizes can take benefits from SOC services. Depending on the requirements and budget the organisations can opt for in-house and outsourced SOC services to achieve effective cybersecurity monitoring and incident response without significant upfront costs.
Having a well-functioning Security Operations Center can significantly enhance an organisation's cybersecurity resilience and readiness to face evolving cyber threats.