Stay safe from Malware

Worried about everyday news of hacking and malware infections? Still many of us don't know how to stay safe from malware.  


No doubt, nobody is safe online. With the advent of the internet, the dark side also emerged and has grown powerful with time. As more and more people are getting active online, sharing information online and using online money transactions online crimes are also increasing.


This does not mean that we should stop using the internet. Not using the internet or online services will be like denying to grow with the evolving world and staying in the stone age. So how to stay safe from malware? This article is going to talk about the best practices that can help you in staying safe online from malware. One can protect by knowing what is malware, how it spreads and how to prevent it.



What is malware?


Malware is software designed with harmful intent. Malware is capable of stealing sensitive information from the device. This will gradually slow down your device, or send fake messages from the users' accounts without their knowledge. Some common types of malware are -
* Virus
* Worm
* Spyware
* Adware
* Trojan Horse



How a malware spreads?


There are multiple methods using which the threat actors circulate the malware, like -

1. A free software on the internet that contains the malware
2. A legitimate software that secretly bundles with malware
3. Website containing infected malware
4. Fake error messages or pop-ups initiating malware download
5. In an email attachment
6. Links to the fake web pages containing malware, in the text messages



How to prevent malware

1. Keep your device and Software updated - Whether phone or computer, keep it updated with the latest software versions and updates for the software installed.


2. Use a non-admin account - Make sure to use the non-admin account on your computers to keep it safe.


3. Think twice to make sure before clicking any link - Be careful with the gifts and cashback or any kind of greedy/emotional offer. Don't click on any suspicious links.


4. Be careful about opening email attachments or images from any unknown senders  


5. Never download software from unknown sources or links shared through social media


6. Don't trust pop-up messages that ask to download software


7. Share files only when necessary and with trusted connections only


8. Use antivirus software


9. Never use open networks or free wifi


As mentioned in the beginning, nobody is safe online, but by following the security measures we can stay safe. Illume Intelligence India Pvt. Ltd. encourages everyone to follow cyber hygiene and stay safe online so that we can enjoy the benefits of being online.


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