“There’s no silver bullet solution with cybersecurity, a layered defence is the only viable defence”. - James Scott

The Telecom sector has always been on the top of the list of cyberattackers because they build, control and operate critical infrastructure. The impact of any such attack can be very high and far-reaching.

With the help of the telecom industries and using their infrastructure, we send our videos, audio and text around the globe. Making it easy for businesses to thrive globally. Securing this is very crucial for the growth of every economy.

Evolving Threats in Telecommunications

The telecommunication industry has a long list of vulnerabilities because of its vast coverage area of services that it provides to almost every sector in the economy. These may range from high to low impact attacks coming from low-level criminals to high-level sophisticated threat actors, with high chances of successful breaches not getting detected at all.

Solutions Offered by Illume

The Telecom sector is expected to meet the increasing demands of higher bandwidth and reliability. The increased presence of new assets over the communication protocols has enlarged the defence perimeter. One has to change the approach from reactive to proactive for being more strong and reliable.

Security Framework

Identifying the high to low-risk areas and making strategies to mitigate the risks associated.
1. Network Security Assessment
2. Firewall Security Assessment
3. Incident Response

Regular Risk Assessment

Constant monitoring of the network for detecting any suspicious activity and taking measures to lower the associated risks.
1. Application Security Testing
2. Network security Testing
3. Firewall penetration testing

Compliance and Regulations

Safeguarding the network and services along with the data is a must. Following the compliance and regulations strengthen the organisation's network and brand image with the clients.
1. GDPR Compliance
2. NIS Directive

Advanced Threat Simulation

Thinking like the real-life threat actors to find the vulnerabilities and mitigating them before the attackers will help in being proactive to ensure cybersecurity.
1. Red Team assessment
2. Social Engineering

Do you have the right security system instilled?