Migrating your critical data and applications with efficiency for better performance

Migrating data centres and applications have never been an easy task for any organisation. Maintaining the complete log of securities and policies and applying them perfectly in the new location is a very tedious and complicated task. Even the slightest mistake can lead to serious issues or outages.

The organizations grow and the current system no longer serves the organisation's storage needs forcing them to a data centre and application migrations. Data centre migration caters to the need for bigger infrastructure for an organisation. It helps in empowering the organisation to improve productivity, efficiency and agility. By shifting the workload to the new and efficient platform one can get the following benefits-

1. Scaling and growing the business
2. Supporting more business needs
3. Digital transformation of the organisation
4. better customer relations
5. Improved performance and market value

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How to plan a successful data centre migration?

The data centre migration process includes the below steps- 


1. Assessment of current system - knowing about the current system in place, evaluating the application supported, servers, operating systems etc. 


2. Forming strategy for migration - Documenting the requirements like equipment needed, connectivity diagrams, cooling infrastructure, space utilization and power requirements. 


3. Selecting the location for migration - Based on the requirements select the destination for migration. 


4. Planning and recording - This includes the design and review of the steps of the migration process. 


5. Development - After planning, development begins in this phase as required to support the physical infrastructure. This is important to avoid last-minute changes.  


6. Validation - This phase validates the plan and the components through the cool-down process. It also includes business validation making sure all stakeholders are aware of migration. 


7. Migration - Finally the migration begins here. The critical applications and components are migrated as per the strategies made. 


8. Post-Migration verification - It is required to verify the migration happened correctly and all the components are working fine to their capacity. 



How do we implement the data centre migration successfully?

We at Illume Intelligence follow the industry's best practices for data centre migration - 


1. Making a strategy - Migrating the data centre is very critical hence strategy plays an important role. Designing the strategy according to the organisation's needs is very important. 


2. Planning a budget - Planning the budget before starting the process with the risk of exceeding in consideration.  


3. Defining the purpose - Understanding every application and component's purpose and status. The power specifications and configurations are very crucial.  


4. Data backup strategy and replication - Taking a backup to avoid any kind of accidental data loss during migration. 



Data migration enhances performance and competitiveness. Rigorous testing to confirm the proper functioning along with descriptive documentation for future needs is very important. Are you looking for a reliable data centre migration partner? You can trust us for your upcoming migration. 

Why Data Center & Application Migration?

Better Efficiency

The new data center have the capability and efficiency for more and better storage

Cost reduction

Removing the unwanted data during the migration helps in better organisation

Increased Security

High-level security services increase the security of the data

What Illume Offers
  • 1. Automatic discovery and mapping of the existing connectivity, that needs to be migrated.
    2. Auto-generation and execution of the necessary security policies through workflows.
    3. Easy risk assessment and compliance assurance through the migration.
    4. Decommissioning of redundancies.
    5. Proper planning and documentation under the project management framework.

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