In the era of soaring cyber crimes, Ethical Hacking will work as a tool to safeguard your organisation's security

Amid the increasing online crimes and data theft, every organisation must protect against cybercrimes, irrespective of their size. Smaller companies often fall into the trap of threat actors as they think they don't have much to secure or they don't have a budget to install any security services. If applied properly, this doesn't need huge budgets to protect their sensitive data or the organisation's security.

Before talking about Ethical Hacking Services, we should know Why data is a valuable asset for any organisation. It needs to be protected from internal or external and illegal access else may lead to severe financial loss, reputational loss, customer trust degradation and brand erosion. Government and Security organisations have applied rules on data protection for the organisations/ industries and in case of non-compliance, this may lead to big troubles.

All organisations must adhere to the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) for data security and apply relevant measures to ensure data security. But there are still incidents happening because of some or other reasons. Hence ethical hackers (hackers that work with a positive approach) are required to comprehend the flaws better from the threat actors' point of view. Once discovered it is easy to plan a security roadmap and apply preventive measures.

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What are Ethical Hacking services?


The word hacking itself is capable of giving goosebumps to anyone so, how come Ethical Hacking is its solution? As the term says Ethical Hacking is the practice of making authorised attempts to hack into the security for finding the strength of the security posture.


No matter what you apply all the security methods, the slightest miss can bring down the entire system. So understanding the hackers' perspective helps in protecting the system in a better way. Ethical hackers intend to find loops for fixing them before they fall into the eyes of bad guys.


The aim of ethical hacking is to protect the data, system and infrastructure from threats and contribute to the success of the digital business. The information and data are kept secure as required by the business.


Identifying risks and weaknesses of the network to provide detailed reports with preventive measures along with guidance for implementing them is the core objective of ethical hacking.



What is included in Ethical Hacking Services? 



Illume Intelligence’s ethical hacking services include the evaluation of infrastructure, devices, applications, networks etc as per the requirement of the organisation. It uses both automated and manual tools to gather information. Based on the information gathered the attack vectors are planned.  


Our ethical hacking services focus on all the areas of your business, compliance, operations, security, awareness etc, providing insights into particular threats and vulnerabilities causing challenges to your organisation. Below are the services offered  


  • Ethical Hacking Consultation

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Customized reporting

  • Ethical Hacking Remediation support

  • Internal systems assessment

  • Social engineering (phishing) exercises

  • External network penetration testing

  • Web application penetration testing

  • Cloud services Vulnerability Assessment

  • Wireless Security Assessment

  • Infrastructure architecture review




How Illume Intelligence's Ethical Hacking services can help?



Illume Intelligence's team of ethical hackers will customize the security services to meet the organisation's needs. From the quick vulnerability assessment to the complete security assessment of the entire organisation is supported by our skilled professionals.


Understanding the client's needs and preparing the strategy to address them with precision and optimum utilisation of resources. We address the needs of big organisations and SMBs with the required capabilities in a flawless manner with our industry expertise gained through experience. Our commitment to quality services is shown by our client's satisfaction and retention.  


Are you still wondering whether to avail of Ethical Hacking services or not? We understand your business concern and advise you to talk to our security expert in finding the best methods to enhance your organisation’s security.


Taking action now is far better than regretting it in future.

Why Ethical Hacking Services?

Identification of threats

Ethical Hacking identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities in a system

Preventive Testing

Thinking like hackers have an advantage for detecting and preventing attacks

Decreasing cyberattacks

Staying secure and alert will help in reducing the maximum number of attacks

Ensuring the data privacy

Ethical hacking helps in ensuring the privacy of the data

What illume offers
  • 1. Ethical Hacking Consultation for the overall security testing offering complete identification of the security threats.
    2. Guidance to mitigate the risk and strengthen the security posture by assisting in implementing the security solutions.
    3. Expert team of professionals with hands-on relevant experience to find all the hidden issues.
    4. Technical safeguard for the entire system with prioritized remediation steps.
    5. Complete a Vulnerability Assessment Report showing the weaknesses and gaps in the security.

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Ethical hacking provides a defensive strategy with an offensive approach. Identifying the vulnerabilities before they get exploited by the malicious actors and allowing organisations to take proactive actions while addressing advanced cyber threats. Ethical hackers understand the bad guys perspective and hence can act like one. They can duplicate the intent and actions of a malicious hacker by deploying a wide range of sophisticated cyber-attacks. Enterprise can benefit from having someone to find the flaws to protect and secure the organisation’s data, finances and reputation.
Ethical hacking services are conducted by certified and experienced ethical hackers, also known as penetration testers. These professionals are skilled in various hacking techniques and methodologies and work in compliance with legal and ethical guidelines.
Yes, ethical hacking involves obtaining permission from the owner of the system being tested before attempting any security assessments. It involves signing agreements with the clients outlining the scope, limitations, and rules of engagement for the testing process.
The typical steps in an ethical hacking engagement are as follows -
1. Planning and scoping - Defining the goals, targets, and scope of the assessment.
2. Reconnaissance - Gathering information about the target system to identify potential entry points.
3. Vulnerability scanning - Using automated tools to detect known vulnerabilities in the target system.
4. Exploitation - Attempting to exploit the identified vulnerabilities to gain unauthorised access.
5. Post-exploitation - Assessing the potential impact of successful attacks on the target system.
6. Reporting - Documenting all findings, including vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvement.
7. Remediation - Assisting the client in fixing the identified vulnerabilities.
8. Verification - Reassessing the system after remediation to ensure vulnerabilities are adequately addressed.
The duration of an ethical hacking assessment varies depending on the size and complexity of the target system and the scope of the engagement. It can range from a few days for a small website to several weeks for a large enterprise network.
Ethical hacking as a service is pen testing by gathering insights and providing a better view of the organisation's security gaps along with the recommendations on addressing them. Following are our services under ethical hacking as a service
1. Web Application Penetration Testing
2. Mobile Application Penetration Testing
3. Infrastructure Penetration Testing
4. Red Teaming & Social Engineering Testing
5. Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) and Adversary Emulation
The cost of the ethical hacking engagement depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the system, the scope of the engagement, etc. We would suggest discussing your requirements with our experts.
Generally, experts suggest conducting assessments annually or after significant system changes. But the frequency of ethical hacking assessments depends on factors like the size of the organisation, the type of systems involved, the rate of system changes, and the industry's security requirements.
The primary objectives include identifying security vulnerabilities, assessing the effectiveness of security controls, validating compliance with regulatory requirements, and providing recommendations for improving overall security posture.
Ethical hacking can be applied to various systems and assets, including networks, servers, workstations, web applications, mobile applications, IoT devices, cloud environments, and physical security controls.
An ethical hacker follows a structured methodology that typically includes reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, privilege escalation, lateral movement, and reporting of findings. They use a combination of automated tools and manual techniques to uncover vulnerabilities and assess security controls.
Common tools and techniques include network scanners, vulnerability scanners, exploitation frameworks, password-cracking tools, packet sniffers, social engineering tactics, and custom scripts developed for specific testing scenarios.
Ethical hackers adhere to strict rules of engagement and ethical guidelines to ensure that testing activities do not cause harm to systems or data. They use controlled testing environments, obtain appropriate permissions, and prioritize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data.
Ethical hackers treat sensitive information discovered during testing with the utmost confidentiality and care. They follow established protocols for handling and protecting sensitive data, including encryption, anonymization, and secure storage.
Yes, ethical hacking services can be tailored to address the unique needs, challenges, and objectives of organizations. Service providers can collaborate with clients to define scope, objectives, testing methodologies, and reporting formats based on specific requirements.