Thinking beyond the compliances is inevitable when it comes to securing transactions

The main motive behind any cyberattack is 'Money'. Hence there is no second thought that banks and financial institutions are on top of the hit list. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors cater to almost every business playing a major role in a country's economy.

Every business intends to inculcate cost-effective methods for improving the business performance, with innovative products and services delivering exceptional values to the customers meeting their demands while retaining loyalty and trust.

But with the changing situation and increasing threats, delivering business values is becoming challenging for every business. Understanding the threats and planning your strategies is a better option than taking no action.

Evolving Threats in BFSI

The banking and finance industry is always surrounded by complex and difficult challenges, primarily due to the sensitivity of the data it holds. Managing these needs highly sophisticated and specialised applications designed with the latest technologies for keeping evolving threats apart.

Solutions Offered by Illume

One has to plan a strategy along with a reliable cybersecurity partner aiming to provide continuous and robust security, that helps in achieving compliance needs along with threat removal with the early detection. Illume understands these challenges and provides the below approaches towards them.

Constant Threat Detection

A regular and periodic security assessment and VAPT services for early threat detection for avoiding data breaches and managing business reputation.
1. Application Security Testing
2. Business Logic Testing
3. Firewall Security Testing
4. Cloud Security Services

Specialised Services

Strengthening the infrastructure of the business is mandatory for any enterprise. We aim at ensuring this by simulating threat actors and strategising to achieve these objectives.
1. Red Team Assessment
2. Vulnerability Assessment
3. Cyber Attack Simulation
4. Social Engineering Assessment

Organisation's Security Foundation

Our team at Illume works in coordination with the internal teams for identifying high-risk areas, creating strategies to low the risk and early detection of the flaws and remediating them immediately.
1. Creating Awareness Program
2. Documenting Security Policy
3. Incident Response Plan

Compliance Management

Following the compliances and regulations is mandatory for every business to tackle security threats and avoid security breaches. We help in consulting for attaining the necessary assessments.
1. Controlled Risk within Cost
2. Client's/Stakeholders Trust
3. Competitive Edge

Do you have the right security system instilled?