No compromising in securing the technologies when it comes to Information Technology

Our lifestyle is closely knitted around technology and imagining life without it is like going back to the stone age. Businesses today are flourishing with the power of digital infrastructure and information connectivities.

Protecting this digital transformation and infrastructure is important for every organisation whether government or private sector. The privacy of data and sensitive information is very critical for every organisation to protect itself and its stakeholders/clients.

Evolving Threats in Information Technology

When it comes to Information Technology the most important is privacy and the protection of sensitive data, not only stored but in transition as well. The big IT giants and technology companies are busy innovating new solutions to ensure the security of data as the world economy depends on it. Ensuring the security of the services and products is most crucial for businesses.

Solutions Offered by Illume

Understanding the criticality of data safety, preventing the breaches with early detections and saving financial and other losses for the organisation is what Illumes aims at.

Regular Security Assessment

Keeping the security system updated by finding the vulnerabilities before they may get exploited by the threat actors.
1. Application Security
2. Network Security
3. Cloud Security
4. DevOps security

Customised Security Services

Every organisation is different hence its security needs. Hence customising your security services to focus on what is more important without leaving out the less important.
1. VAPT Assessment
2. Red Team assessment
3. Cyber Attack Exercise

Organisation's Security Policy

Devising your Security policies depending upon the organisation's requirements and mitigating the risks the very moment they arise to keep the organisation safe.
1. Preparing the Security policy
2. Training the employees
3. Planning for uncertainties

Do you have the right security system instilled?