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How to prepare for the Cyber Security Audit?

Looking to perform a Cybersecurity Audit? Do you know what to include in the checklist for performing a successful audit?


There are several steps required for the preparation for a cybersecurity audit. The preparation will help in streamlining the evaluation and will surely improve the results.


So, how to prepare for cyber security audits-


1. Reviewing Data security Policy -

You need an

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Cybersecurity Audit Checklist

There are lot many things that must be included in the cybersecurity audit for any organisation. Here we are mentioning some broad categories that are important and must be included.



1. Security policies

2. Security policies written and enforced

3. Hardware and software asset list

4. Data confidentiality and ownership


B. Employees

1. Cyber hyg

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Cybersecurity Awareness

Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your employees


Assuming your employee to be knowing about cybersecurity may lead to problems. Every organisation has employees from various educational backgrounds and hence lacks knowledge of cyber hygiene. It is the responsibility of the organisation to train the employees to stay protected in this challenging era of cybercrimes.


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We are on YouTube Now

We are glad to announce that we have started our YouTube Channel.

Here we will be sharing our view on cyber security along with the industry trends that will enhance your awareness of Cybersecurity along with the latest happenings giving an upper edge for your business and profession.

Stay Tuned, Stay Connected 
We will be sharing the channel link below
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