Prepare for the Cyber Security Audit

Looking to perform a Cybersecurity Audit? Do you know what to include in the checklist for performing a successful audit?


There are several steps required for the preparation for a cybersecurity audit. The preparation will help in streamlining the evaluation and will surely improve the results.


So, how to prepare for cyber security audits-


1. Reviewing Data security Policy -

You need an information security policy for establishing the rules for sensitive data handling. This policy needs to be reviewed for data confidentiality, integrity and availability. This policy includes details on who and what type of rights hold on data. How the data accuracy is maintained. what steps are taken to ensure the data availability?


2. Centralised cybersecurity policies -

This includes a list of security and compliance policies. Important things to include in this are -

Network access control - This encloses details like who has access o what?

Disaster recovery - Polices to follow ensure business operations in case of crises.

Remote work policies - Security for a remote workforce

Acceptable use policy - The terms employees must follow to get access to IT assets.  


3. Detailing the network structure -

The complete map of the IT infrastructure. This helps in finding the potential gaps in security on enterprise networks.


4. Compliance Standards -

The compliance standards requirements must be considered when planning for an audit. Knowing the compliance applicable to the business is important for aligning the assessment with the needs of the organisation.


5. Team for handling security -

There must be a clear indication of concerned teams and authorities for handling the security of the organisation.


Every external cyber audit is followed by the internal security audits helping in streamlining things on time. With the growing threats, an organisation needs to conduct regular audits.  

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