Securing your network by finding the vulnerabilities, like a hacker

Red Team testing as the name suggests is the assessment of the organisation network by trying to hack it. Red Team is the group of professionals responsible for emulating a genuinely malicious threat actor trying to break into the systems.

Real-world hackers don't follow any rules and methods, for exploiting the limitations of any testing programs. They will deploy any method to gain access, seek a point of entry for a successful breach. At times their passive attacks may exploit the organisations for a long time as they remain unnoticed.

A commonly employed method to breach an organisation's external security is combining social engineering and phishing. There are many ways to breach the first line of defense that depends on the human factor. Once the hackers get in they can steal sensitive data, deploy ransomware or exploit the organisation's resources.

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With the increasing size of the organisation, the attack surface also increases and the difficulty to secure and monitor all the endpoints and users. It may be assumed that penetration testing is a great method to secure services, but it often focuses on a specific asset and has a defined scope. 



Red Team Testing vs. Penetration Testing 


Red Team testing also known as Red Team Security Testing is often confused with penetration testing, but pen testing is only a part of red team assessment. Red team operations have broader objectives than penetration testing.


These assessments are designed to emulate a more real-world scenario, with detailed analysis and defensive strategies. It also includes evasion and persistence, privilege escalation, and exfiltration. The Red team will test the organisation's detection and response capabilities. 



How does Illume's Red Team work?


Let's just get a peek at the working of our Red Team assessment - 


1. Goal Setting - Setting the organisational goal for assessment. 


2. Reconnaissance - Performing reconnaissance on the target. Mapping target systems including network services, web apps and portals. 


3. Seeking Vulnerabilities - Finding the vulnerabilities in the system. 


4. Exploiting vulnerabilities - Accessing the system for looking for further weaknesses and loopholes. 


5. Escalating levels - Escalating the level of access to reach the target. 


6. Success - Achieved and accessed the target. 



The Red Team security assessment is a powerful technique for identifying the security vulnerabilities of any organisation. It will expose vulnerabilities, hidden from the organisation and mitigate them. Our Red Team assessment will enhance your organisation's security by uncovering the potential vulnerabilities to level up your security as expected. 

Why Red Team Testing?

Risk Factor Assessment

Identification of the risk factors and categorization according to high and low-risk factors for mitigation

Better Security Controls

Knowing the risk factors about the environment and upgrading the security controls as required

Combat Ready

Well equipped with the protection and detection methods helping in better actions and decisions in case of crisis

Tracing Gaps

Identification of the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be exploited from the hacker’s point

Efficiency Checked

Checking the efficiency of the current system in responding to any security breach

What Illume Offers
  • 1. Complete report on the security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be exploited.
    2. Assessment is conducted using the best performing tool in the market.
    3. A more realistic view for the efficiency of the implanted security system.
    4. Suggesting the best possible mitigations for patching the vulnerabilities.
    5. Working side by side with the internal IT team to fix the flaws and ensure by retesting the system.

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