Welcome To Illume Intelligence India Pvt.Ltd.

Animated by a futuristic vision of the consultancy space in the emerging environment of super-charged technology that is anticipated, we intend to spread our wings and seek exciting new frontiers within which to test our expertise.

Who we are

Company Goals

An insatiable appetite for Continuous Improvement drives all our projects and assignments and we believe in keeping pace with the electrifying momentum of evolving technology. Towards meeting the goal of uncompromising quality in our deliverables and unchallenged expertise in our performance parameters, we strive to remain consistently upgraded and upskilled in all aspects of our standard operating model.

Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the best is yet to come. We are never tempted to rest on our numerous laurels and continuously strive to better our own benchmarks of sterling quality. In promoting the passionate goal of uncompromising excellence in every task executed, we expend total dedication and commitment in devising superlative solutions for the cyber security concerns and data analytics needs of our valued

Company Prospects

Disregarding the risk of being dubbed 'trumpet blowers', we choose to project ourselves as the fastest growing and most dynamic entity in our category of cyber security, data analytics and app development service providers. We are committed to actualizing our lofty ambitions of transforming into a global industry leader in the realm of IT-related services and consultancy for Data Science and Information Security projects under

Illume Consultancy Profile
Our Tested Areas of Expertise


We are in a position to demonstrate a proven track record of excellence in conceiving, constructing and implementing IoT and Cyber Security solutions for customers, including the high-end players, who demand uncompromising effectiveness in the products and services they access.


Our broad-based exposure to diverse industrial ecosystems has equipped us with an astute flair for incisive analytical capability and the expertise to derive pertinent and precise insights from the mass of data we handle for each customer. Skill and refined powers of discernment combine to empower our readings of Data.


App development is our most frequently exercised skill set and this activity renders us confident and relaxed in the challenging role of mobile and web app developers claiming leadership status in a saturated, technology-driven domain. Our impressive track record of app development services testifies to our expertise.


Founder(s) / Director(s)

Cheif Information Security Officer (CISO)

Cyber Security Manager /Administrator

Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security Architect

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security Consultant

Penetration & Vulnerability Tester

Cyber Security Specialist / Technician

Cyber Crime Analyst / Investigator

Incident Analyst / Responder

IT Auditor

Networking Engineer

Software Developer

Systems Engineer

Financial and Risk Analysis Expert

Security Intelligence Designer