Government sector is critical for the lifeline of the country must take the cybersecurity application as mandatory.

Irrespective of the departments' the government sector is handling the critical and sensitive data which needs to be protected to ensure the security and development of the country and its citizens. Hence cybersecurity should be the last one to ignore even for the smallest of the government departments.

With the realisation of the importance of digitalisation for the growth of the economy all the government bodies are moving towards hi-secured infrastructure. It is important to defend against cyber risk ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of critical and essential services and maintaining national security.

Evolving Threats in Government Sector

Threats coming to government sectors are always challenging as they may result from cross border terrorism, opposition tricks or state-sponsored by an enemy country. Irrespective of origin the impact will be huge, damaging the functions like defence, taxation, immigration, essential services etc.

Solutions Offered by Illume

Imagining the impact of the attack on the government sector is far beyond anyone's capacity. Securing the government sector holds more challenges when compared to any other organisation due to the criticality of the data it holds.

Cybersecurity Framework

Working in coordination with internal teams for identifying the high to low-risk areas, assigning priorities and making strategies to remediate them.
1. Awareness training for employees
2. Framing security policy guidelines
3. Incident response plan

Advanced Threat Simulation

Ensuring the effectiveness of the current system with the understanding of the risk and impacts that need to be catered, by placing the effective recovery plan in place.
1. Red Team Assessment
2. Social Engineering
3. Cyber Exercise

Continous Risk Assessment

Implementing the security measures one time is not sufficient when it comes to the government sector. Keeping them updated and regular monitoring is very important.
1. Application Security Testing
2. Network VAPT
3. Code Review

Compliance Ready

Getting the organisation to work under the guidelines and regulations by making them comply to the respective compliance according to their domain of working.
1. Ensuring Trust
2. Ensuring Saftey
3. Proper handling of data

Do you have the right security system instilled?