No compromising in securing the technologies when it comes to Information Technology

Our lifestyle is closely knitted around technology and imagining life without it is like going back to the stone age. Businesses today are flourishing with the power of digital infrastructure and information connectivities.

Protecting this digital transformation and infrastructure is important for every organisation whether government or private sector. The privacy of data and sensitive information is very critical for every organisation to protect itself and its stakeholders/clients.

Government sector is critical for the lifeline of the country must take the cybersecurity application as mandatory.

Irrespective of the departments' the government sector is handling the critical and sensitive data which needs to be protected to ensure the security and development of the country and its citizens. Hence cybersecurity should be the last one to ignore even for the smallest of the government departments.

With the realisation of the importance of digitalisation for the growth of the economy all the government bodies are moving towards hi-secured infrastructure. It is important to defend against cyber risk ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of critical and essential services and maintaining national security.

“As we’ve come to realize, the idea that security starts and ends with the purchase of a prepackaged firewall is simply misguided”. - Art Wittmann

As the pandemic took its toll the shift to e-commerce stores got hastened by five years in just a matter of months. Making retail cybersecurity a crucial aspect for the business survival. More data travelling on clouds make it more susceptible to cyber threats.

Cyber security is not essential only for e-commerce businesses because the cyber attack may result in revenue loss but may harm the overall viability of the businesses and compromised the personal data of their clients.

“There’s no silver bullet solution with cybersecurity, a layered defence is the only viable defence”. - James Scott

The Telecom sector has always been on the top of the list of cyberattackers because they build, control and operate critical infrastructure. The impact of any such attack can be very high and far-reaching.

With the help of the telecom industries and using their infrastructure, we send our videos, audio and text around the globe. Making it easy for businesses to thrive globally. Securing this is very crucial for the growth of every economy.

"You can say you make systems secure and compliant. Or you can have operational checks and balances to make sure they actually stay compliant." – Mitchell Parker, CISO at Temple Health

Healthcare handles life-death crises that can not be compromised at any cost. The slightest delay in healthcare supplies can cause millions of lives. The recent cyber attacks happening in the healthcare sector had already put the healthcare care business in an alarming situation.

Securing the healthcare sector has always been a challenge. Cybersecurity experts are continuously making efforts to tackle these challenges by guarding against the attacks along with the compliances. Adopting new technologies has added benefits to the working and security of healthcare along with the other vulnerabilities that come if not maintained properly.

Thinking beyond the compliances is inevitable when it comes to securing transactions

The main motive behind any cyberattack is 'Money'. Hence there is no second thought that banks and financial institutions are on top of the hit list. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors cater to almost every business playing a major role in a country's economy.

Every business intends to inculcate cost-effective methods for improving the business performance, with innovative products and services delivering exceptional values to the customers meeting their demands while retaining loyalty and trust.

But with the changing situation and increasing threats, delivering business values is becoming challenging for every business. Understanding the threats and planning your strategies is a better option than taking no action.

Evolving Threats in Information Technology

When it comes to Information Technology the most important is privacy and the protection of sensitive data, not only stored but in transition as well. The big IT giants and technology companies are busy innovating new solutions to ensure the security of data as the world economy depends on it. Ensuring the security of the services and products is most crucial for businesses.

Evolving Threats in Government Sector

Threats coming to government sectors are always challenging as they may result from cross border terrorism, opposition tricks or state-sponsored by an enemy country. Irrespective of origin the impact will be huge, damaging the functions like defence, taxation, immigration, essential services etc.

Evolving Threats in Retail & E-Commerce

Securing retail and eCommerce has always been a challenge for the experts due to the large surface area for attacks, making it an easy target for Threat actors. Lots of software integrations, multiple devices, several methods for connecting to the clients make it challenging for security teams.

Evolving Threats in Telecommunications

The telecommunication industry has a long list of vulnerabilities because of its vast coverage area of services that it provides to almost every sector in the economy. These may range from high to low impact attacks coming from low-level criminals to high-level sophisticated threat actors, with high chances of successful breaches not getting detected at all.

Evolving Threats in Healthcare

Healthcare has risen to the top in the list of the threat actors during the pandemic. 2019 alone had shown a 40% increase in data breaches. Acknowledging the fact that risk is increasing and understanding the impact of planning a strategy to safeguard your organisation is mandatory.

Evolving Threats in BFSI

The banking and finance industry is always surrounded by complex and difficult challenges, primarily due to the sensitivity of the data it holds. Managing these needs highly sophisticated and specialised applications designed with the latest technologies for keeping evolving threats apart.

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Understanding the criticality of data safety, preventing the breaches with early detections and saving financial and other losses for the organisation is what Illumes aims at.

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Imagining the impact of the attack on the government sector is far beyond anyone's capacity. Securing the government sector holds more challenges when compared to any other organisation due to the criticality of the data it holds.

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Protecting your e-commerce business is as important as owning one. One must take necessary steps to guard against the upcoming cyber security threats to protect their sensitive data and follow regulations.

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The Telecom sector is expected to meet the increasing demands of higher bandwidth and reliability. The increased presence of new assets over the communication protocols has enlarged the defence perimeter. One has to change the approach from reactive to proactive for being more strong and reliable.

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Implementing cybersecurity measures can help to some extent in securing the infrastructure but for the constantly changing threat landscape against healthcare, there is a need to form specialised strategies.

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One has to plan a strategy along with a reliable cybersecurity partner aiming to provide continuous and robust security, that helps in achieving compliance needs along with threat removal with the early detection. Illume understands these challenges and provides the below approaches towards them.

Do you have the right security system instilled?