• Being Vulnerable is self-destruction

    The fast-paced world has made everything risky for a growing business. Are you only focusing on growing your business but not safeguarding? it is highly vulnerable to have low or no shields for your business. Save before it's gone

  • Shield your business with Red Team Testing

    Do you really need hackers to attack and tell how vulnerable your system and data is? It is always better to stitch in time. Let's find the flaws, loops and vulnerabilities in your business network and apply the latest and updated practice in place.

  • Know your flaws before exploited

    Find the flaws in your IT infrastructure and safeguard them before hackers find them. Simulating a managed cyberattack by thinking like a hacker for devising preventive strategies can save a lot beyond the financial losses.

  • Safeguard your network and devices

    Everything that is on the internet is vulnerable. We help in saving the network and devices that connect to your business network. Identifying the vulnerabilities in your network, IoT, Wireless, servers and other network devices to make your system foolproof.

  • Guard your DevOps against everyday risk

    Securing the DevOps from the very beginning as they come into the developmental phase with the help of manual and automation amid the challenging and risky way the environment is changing.


Stay Vigilant, Stay Secure

Illume Intelligence strategies to safeguard against most critical cyber attacks

With the rising threat all around the world, we are in a kind of Cyber war and war has no rules. In this, defending your resources is the way to stay safe. The smallest bank of data outside the organisation is worthless but may cost huge to the organisation in terms of financial loss along with loss in trust and reputation among clients and partners. This would not be acceptable to anyone.

Finding the flaws and vulnerabilities in the system, network and connected devices before they could be exploited by the threat actors, who are out there finding every vulnerable system and attacking every second. They may exploit any vulnerable device or social engineer or abuse any default setting and password to get in their means.

Illume Intelligence India Pvt. Ltd. digitally secure your online presence by delivering customized & specialized products and services. We offer penetration testing, cyber security audits, PCI compliance and other cybercrime investigation services catering to the specific needs of varied industries.

It’s time to RESPOND than to REACT

Cyber security with Illume Intelligence


Assessing the risk in context with the business objectives to analyze the organisation's cyber security controls and their ability to remediate vulnerabilities, for minimizing the gaps.


Protecting and safeguarding critical data and relevant information systems by assuring confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation making it safe and resilient against vulnerabilities.


Integrated solutions, providing effective security for entire workloads across multiple domains by monitoring the risks through ever-evolving cyber threats.

Our Core Domains
  • Application Security Application Security

    Preventing applications in the highly susceptible world of technologies where every second multiple business are victimized. Illume Intelligence has always made up to the mark with the sustained and invigorating efforts for securing every phase of the applications ever since the development phase

  • Network SecurityNetwork Security

    Securing the network is of utmost importance for every business as handling it is like walking on the tightrope in the air, the slightest miss and everything doomed. Ever since its inspection Illume Intelligence is engaged to secure every bit of the network for data in and out of the organisation, ensuring the smooth functioning of the businesses.

  • Managed ServicesManaged Services

    Every organisation is different and hence its need for security. Illume Intelligence understands and provides the tools and services best suited to the organisation’s needs. Our specialized and recommended tools help in strengthening the security of our clients making them shockproof against cyber threats.

  • CompliancesCompliances

    Running a business online is full of risks. Security of data is a responsibility of the organisation and not following those norms may result in hefty penalties and a bad reputation. Following the compliances and regulations strictly and regularly can be tough when doing alone. Illume Intelligence constructs all the processes easily hence making organisation compliance ready.

Penetration Testing

Identifying the network and infrastructure vulnerabilities from an external threat actor’s point of view and exploiting them to determine the risk in a given time.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Assessing the vulnerabilities of the complete infrastructure by automating the scanning and testing for timely rectification of the flaws and preventing outages.

Business logic Testing

Streamlining the applications and connectivity flows with connectivity requirements in the networking terms for easy understanding of the internal teams.

Mobile App Security Test

Securing the mobile apps by identifying and mitigating security risks for the hassle-free execution of the business experience.

Web Services & API Assessment

Protecting the web services and assessing the APIs, enabling secure communication between the applications, systems and components

Static and Dynamic Code Analysis

Minimizing vulnerabilities in the application since the beginning by debugging and rectifying in the initial phases of development

Malware Analysis

Determining the functionality, origin and potential impact of any given malware sample for combating and removing the malware

Application Security Testing

Securing applications against security threats, by identifying security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the source code

Firewall Penetration Testing

Preventing unauthorized access to the internal network. Securing the firewall policies and rules, using security scanners and presenting the complete document.

Data Center & Application migration

Migrating data centers to achieve significant efficiency and business agility by utilizing cloud and virtualization technologies and services along with cost reduction.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Testing the effectiveness of wireless security by identifying vulnerabilities and exposing unintended weaknesses for on-time remediation.

IoT Penetration Testing

Detecting vulnerabilities and assessing the defense system through simulation attacks and scanning the critical proprietary programs representing the entire system architecture.

Network Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Identifying the vulnerabilities in the current security system and network components by exploiting and ensuring protection against malicious intruders.

VoIP Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Preventing the publicly available critical infrastructure like VoIP from threat actors by simulating attacks and fixing the bugs before exploitation.

Server Auditing and Hardening

Ensuring the reliability of complex servers by implementing server hardening at multiple levels and regularly monitoring all critical network and server components.

Cloud Security Services

Protecting the business from external and internal threats causing data threats leading to financial loss, reputation loss and customer trust breach for the organisation.

Red Team Testing

Engaging like a real-world hacker, to test the effectiveness of the implanted system against the detection and response to unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Vulnerability Assessment

Reviewing the information system systematically for identifying, classifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities, highlighting the risk and recommending remediation.

Cyber Attack Simulation

Scanning the enterprise defenses under the same constraints as the real and evolving cyber threats, exposing known and unknown vulnerabilities before they are exploited by threat actors

Social Engineering Assessment

Assessing the possible scope of social engineering will help in imparting the knowledge among the users and training them to follow adequate security measures.

Strategic Security Solutions

Understanding the business goals and security requirements, preparing a strategic security plan for defending the security of the IT infrastructure and critical data of the organisation

Virtual CISO Services

Availing full-time CISO services for the small and medium-sized organisation, through our virtual CISO services along with associated benefits without spending much.

ISO 27001 Consulting

Globally recognised standards for assessing the security of an organisation's IT infrastructure ensuring improved quality standards and data security.

PCI DSS Compliance

Identifying the flaws in the current system of data protection for credit card users with recommendations to implement proper controls for achieving compliance.

ICS SCADA Security Testing

Securing critical industrial data for ICS embedded architectures to ensure data security for major industries.

SOC 2 Assessment

Protecting the customer's data in the cloud for the trust in service providers and assuring clients for safe data handling.

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